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5 Tips on how to lose belly fat

Get healthy to lose weight. Not lose weight to get healthy



This is for you if you want a bespoke plan, tailored to your goals with regular check-ins and accountability and you want to work out in your own time either at the gym or at home.


This is for you if you want in person motivation and support and a tailored program bespoke to your goals and are happy to meet at the gym for each session.


This is for you if you want to join live or on demand fitness classes from the comfort of your own home.

Introducing MY APP

This isn’t just training - it’s a holistic approach to a more healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re working out online or face to face with me, I’ll help you create the right habits to keep you on track. Using my app couldn't be easier, here’s what you get:


All your workouts are in one, easy to access section, no more hunting around on social media to find what you need. Don’t worry if you aren't sure about how to complete a certain exercise as these will include video tutorials.



If you find juggling workouts and your busy schedule a bit difficult sometimes, then this calendar will organise you. All your workouts, check ins, activities and events will be scheduled for you by me. 



With a plethora of social media channels, keeping in touch with anyone can be hard - but this integrated chat function means you can speak to me directly through my App. You know where I am whenever you need me. 



It’s important to stay on top of how you are progressing, so my App lets you easily view and track your goals in one place. From your weight, your measurements and to how you’re hitting your daily nutrition targets, this will show you just what a great job you are doing. 



My app integrates with Fitbit, Withings, Apple Health/Watch and MyFitnessPal, enabling you to sync your health and nutrition data seamlessly and keep on top of your goals.



Anusha - 10 months -

Firstly I helped my client understand the basics of exercise and nutrition to help her build a foundation, so that she correct her bad habits and understand what she needed to do to lose weight. I prepared a tailor made exercise routine for her along with a nutrition plan which she could stick to and enjoy. I also made sure the exercise sessions where fun and engaging to reduce boredom. Along with that her I gave her access to me via WhatsApp daily so she could as me questions whenever she felt stuck.



I started with Sukh almost 7 months ago. He has not only helped me lose 13 kgs during this time but he has also helped with my cardio strength, completely changed my eating habits and routine. He has always been available, positive, encouraging and supportive through periods of self doubt. He has helped build up my strength and exercise regime step by step. He is considerate to my busy schedule as a working parent, which has been very helpful in my journey. I highly recommend getting in touch with Sukh to begin your your transformation journey. He will help you get to your goal whatever it is and will be committed to your success perhaps even more than you are 🙂


"I have always struggled with my weight loss, having tried every diet known to man and followed many different fitness programmes I still struggled with losing weight and keeping it off due to lack of consistency. I had never considered getting a personal trainer before but after putting on extra lockdown pounds I decided enough was enough and that it was time to take action. I got in touch with Sukh and started training with him - best decision ever, I have been training with Sukh since Oct 2020 and I can't recommend him enough. Trying something new is always daunting but Sukh made me feel comfortable from the very first session. I have been working at a pace that suits me and loving my results. He makes the workouts fun yet challenging and I can't believe how much my fitness has improved since I started. Not only do I feel fit and more energised, I also haven't felt this confident in myself for a very long time. Sukh is encouraging and keeps me accountable through daily meal updates, he has shared many healthy recipes most of which I love and eat regularly to keep me on track. If you are thinking of getting in contact do not hesitate, Sukh is professional yet friendly and will commit 100% to whatever goal you wish to achieve. His passion truly shows in the workouts he creates and the support and guidance he shows."


Sukh is an excellent personal trainer and nutrition planner. He’s helped me lose over half a stone in the course of two weeks and this was through a combination of meal plan with low carb and high protein, and an exercise routine. Really nice guy, will come to you. Is fully covid safe, has full insurance, and also does a meal service where you send him your meals every day and he tells you what to do with the food you’re eating. Definitely recommend.



I was really underweight as a teenager and since the age of 16, I started working out with the aim of achieving a healthy weight. I failed for 2 years and then eventually from the age of 18 I started gaining weight and achieved my weight goal of 75kg at 22 years. I started getting a lot of people congratulating me and asking how I did it. Since then, I decided that if it felt this good to achieve my body goals, it would feel even better make a living out of helping others feel this way. That is what influenced my decision to become a personal trainer. My Target Audience is busy professionals aged between 30-45 (Dentists, graphics designers, financial advisors, managers, estate agents and business owners) looking to transform their bodies through weight loss. I have been a PT for about 3 years and my biggest achievement was when one of my clients said: “Sukh seriously you have changed mine and my partner’s life thank you so much." My mission is to help as many busy professionals lose weight and get their health back. I have worked with many professionals and all of them have so much potential but due to their busy lifestyle they find it hard to go to the gym and workout. My goal is to help them by helping them focus on their meals and exercise from home without having to go to the gym if they don’t have time. However if they do have time to go to the gym then I want to be able to help provide them with specific workout plans and include; supersets, tricets, etc to help them save time and still get amazing results.